Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v1.8.7 APK

Ultimate Guitar Tabs adalah aplikasi mudah dan nyaman untuk melihat tablatures gitar, tablatures bass, drum dan tablatures akord. Ini adalah satu-satunya aplikasi ponsel yang memberikan akses UNLIMITED ke database terbesar di dunia Tab dari Ultimate-Guitar.com!

Main features:

  • Quick Search. Find Tabs quickly by entering artist name or song title.
  • Favorites. Add Tabs to your Favorites to make them available for offline browsing. Synchronize Tabs between the app and your online account!
  • Advanced Search tool. You can search for Tabs by specifying Tab type, part of the song, difficulty level, tuning, and rating.
  • UG Authorization. Sign in with your Ultimate Guitar account, or create a new one directly from the app.
  • Playlists. Create custom lists of Tabs in your Favorites.
  • Chords. View chord diagrams while reading Chords, transpose chords easily.
  • Tab Packs. Collections of pre-selected Tabs. Tab Packs are based on skills level, music genres, and special occasions.
  • Top 100 Tabs list for each Tab type (Guitar, Bass, Chords, Drums or overall).
  • Auto-scroll feature. View Tablature in the text viewer using the handy Auto-Scroll functionality – The App will scroll Tabs for you!
  • Changeable fonts. Pick what font to use for displaying Tabs’ content.
  • Random Tab. Load Tab for a random song.
  • Now playing. Find Tabs for the currently playing song (needs to be technically supported by the device).
  • Portrait and Landscape modes are available. You can scale Tabs too.
  • Tab Pro* includes:

  • Supports the Tab Pro format, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab.
  • Huge Database. A thorough database with over 150,000 Tabs.
  • Playback. Instantly playback tabs with real-sounding instruments.
  • Multitrack. Audio mixing is in your hands, change volume on any instrument.
  • Chords. Shown above the corresponding beats for optimum visual cues.
  • Fretboard display. Get the perfect view of the notes’ placement on each fret.
  • Anda akan mendapatkan akses ke tab dalam format Tab Pro dari hasil penelusuran app biasa setelah membuat in-app pembelian.

    Tab Tools includes:

  • Fit To Screen” feature, which makes tabs easier to read on your device
  • Font customization capability
  • Print function available (for Cloud Print-compatible devices)
  • Email – send tabs by email with just one tap.
  • Copying to clipboard
  • What’s in this version : (Updated : Feb 28, 2013)

  • Easier Favorites backup and sync – sign in with Ultimate Guitar account to backup Favorites to never lose them and sync between all your devices
  • Each tab now has contributor’s name, version and individual rating. You can rate tabs right within the app now too!
  • App Tour to familiarize you with the main features of the app
  • Transpose level is now displayed on the tab printout (if different from original)
  • Loop feature added to Tab Pro in-app
  • Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v1.8.7 APK

    Sumber : remo-xp


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